Eagle may not be a known marque in the market but just like any other vehicle brand, this vehicle is equipped with cutting-edge technology and durable mechanisms. Its components are made from high quality materials that have been proven excellent in any driving condition. And the same as other vehicles, the components of the Eagle have to be properly maintained.

The engine is among the most important parts of your Eagle. All its parts have to be fully functional in order for your vehicle to deliver great horsepower. Embedded deep in the engine system is an essential part that helps in controlling the exhaust gases. This part is referred to as the exhaust manifold. By and large, the exhaust manifold is the part that manages the exhaust gases from the combustion compartment to the exhaust pipe. The manifold usually contains an exhaust pipe for each exhaust port in the cylinder head. It also has a flat machined exterior fitted against a matching surface on the port area in the cylinder head.

In most four or eight cylinder engine, four cylinders use the same exhaust manifold. And on a V type engine the exhaust manifold is mounted to each cylinder head. There are exhaust manifolds made from nodular or cast iron and others made from stainless or heavy-gauge steel. Some even have gaskets placed between the cylinder head and the manifold. These gaskets usually made from paper, copper or asbestos-type material are used to avoid air leakage.

Contrary to popular belief, exhaust manifolds hardly wears out. But exposure to hard driving in cold weathers can cause the manifold to crack. Sudden changes in driving temperature can also weaken the manifold. Hence to avoid damage or leakage in the exhaust manifold, it is essential that regular inspection is done to make sure that there are no cracks or damages. Cracks in the manifold can cause the O2 sensor to malfunction and cause incorrect computer computations resulting to poor performance and fuel use.

A popping or tapping sound while on idle can also indicate that there is something wrong in the exhaust system. You better check it as soon as possible or have a certified mechanic inspect it. When it is evident that there is a need to replace your exhaust manifold, arrange for a replacement right away. Do not insist on driving with a worn out exhaust manifold to avoid getting poor mileage and vehicle performance. You can get your Eagle exhaust manifold here at Parts Train. Our online catalog carries premium quality exhaust manifold that will suit perfectly with your Eagle. Talk to our customer service representatives if you have any queries.