The useful and inexpensive method of improving the functionality of an automobile is by removing backpressure. Backpressure or the vehicle engine's inclination to function much more in dissipating the burned gases out of your valvetrain is among the most effective way to power-loss. The exhaust system is among those that uses the engine power; but if efficiently functioning, especially the Dodge Caliber exhaust manifold in collecting fumes out of your system, it could stop backpressure from happening.

Your exhaust manifold will have identical group of tubes as your containers of the engine. This particular pipe is dubbed as the ‘collector' due to its work of collecting the gases from all vents of the manifold. Usually, this engine part is manufactured out of tough cast iron or longer-lasting stainless steel. Today, alternate Dodge Caliber exhaust manifolds are generally made up of different lighter weight materials although equally tough.

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