In the automotive industry being the best and the most innovative means greater customer patronage. As such, every automotive company in the industry today has to continuously expand and enhance their vehicle lineup in order to meet the increasing demand of people for reliable vehicles. Chrysler is among these companies that incessantly enhance their vehicles to offer the public with better and state-of-the-art models. The prestige that Chrysler enjoys today is a product of their hard work and commitment to providing us with efficient, professional and competent vehicles.

If you are one of the lucky owners of a Chrysler, you are probably aware of the pride and pleasure that it offers. So to compensate for its services you have to give it regular tune up to keep its parts fully functional. Every component under the hood, inside and outside the car has to be properly taken care of. Among this important parts include the exhaust manifold. The main purpose of the exhaust manifold is to gather the exhaust gases from the cylinders after combustion and pass it through the exhaust pipe. This way heat and waste products will not degrade the performance of the engine.

Most vehicles are designed with exhaust manifolds including the other emission devices such as oxygen sensor, injection system and exhaust pipes. In older vehicles, exhaust manifolds have a heat riser valve. This valve is managed by a temperature sensitive spring that manages the fuel delivery and provides improved driving condition. In most instances, exhaust manifolds can last from 10 to 15 years. Some even last the entire service life of the vehicle without getting damaged. Nonetheless, when exhaust manifolds wear out the common reason is hard driving in cold climates and seized oxygen sensors in the manifold.

Exhaust manifolds can generally be steam cleaned to put it back in an almost new condition. But when it is broken or it has a blocked catalytic converter, it is essential that you replace it at once. A high performance exhaust manifold will give you better horsepower and torque. But if you prefer a non performance manifold, you can do so as it can still revive your car and give you the power that you need. So, do not wait till your exhaust manifold completely fails. It is vital that you replace it as soon as damage is evident.

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