The useful yet economical method of boosting the functionality of your vehicle is simply by eliminating backpressure. It is a trend when the powerhouse is forced to operate more, driving the exhaust out of your engine system and into the emission pipes. This engine emission assembly is among the ‘users' of engine power; but if efficiently working, particularly your Cadillac Fleetwood exhaust manifold in amassing fumes out of the system, it can prevent backpressure in occurring.

Your exhaust manifold will have identical group of tubes as the containers of your engine. The pipes of your exhaust manifold will meet into a bigger ‘collector' or exhaust pipe. Typically, this particular component is made from heavy-duty cast iron or long-lived stainless steel. More recent designs and even replacement for Cadillac Fleetwood exhaust manifold are made from consistently reputable materials after which covered using ceramic.

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