Luxury, elegance and high quality performance is what Cadillac vehicles offer its owners. Over the years, Cadillac has been producing automobiles that never fail to catch the attention of many car aficionados. Aside from the luxury it exudes, Cadillac vehicles also radiate a distinct and sporty appeal. The prestige and elegance that Cadillac now enjoys is a product of the hard work and creative minds of Cadillac's engineers and designers. Despite the downfalls that the Cadillac experienced, it has remained strong and standing tall, continuously creating unique vehicles that many people have come to love.

With the great pride and performance that Cadillac vehicles offer, your only consolation to its service is to keep its parts running smoothly. Among the parts that you have to properly take care of is the exhaust manifold. As the vehicle component responsible for taking out the exhaust gases, exhaust manifolds have to be kept in top shape to keep the waste products away from the engine. The exhaust manifold pulls out the exhaust gases from the cylinder heads to enhance the engine's performance.

Exhaust manifolds can either be simple cast iron units, factory style manifold or tube steel header. It is often essential that exhaust manifolds are coated to keep it corrosion free and to keep the heat inside the manifold. When the manifold is coated, it will look better and live longer. Also, keeping the heat inside the manifold will increase exhaust gas velocity and decrease fuel contamination. Likewise, heat under the hood, in the engine and the other parts will be kept at the required level preventing your car from overheating.

After thousands of miles though, your exhaust manifold will start to wear out. After a considerable amount of rust and other road contaminants have affected the manifold, its performance and function will gradually deteriorate. Before the exhaust manifold completely wears out, it is essential that you secure replacement right away. Do not insist on driving with a worn out exhaust manifold to keep your vehicle from performing poorly and inefficiently.

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