The exhaust system plays a critical role in keeping the engine's constant peak performance. It is responsible for an efficient discharge and removal of the burnt gases generated from the engine's combustion. It may allow the exhaust gases to flow through a turbocharger to increase engine power, a catalytic converter to eliminate noxious substances, providing less harmful gases, and a muffler to reduce exhaust sound. But this is variable depending on the vehicle's overall system configuration. In order to carry out an effective exhaust flow, it employs the Subaru exhaust gasket to do the job of providing a tight seal between the exhaust manifold and the cylinder head. This way, waste gases are ensured to be held and carried intact in the exhaust, preventing it from leaking out.

The Subaru exhaust gasket is specially implemented to provide an efficient seal in the exhaust's connection points. It rigidly attaches between the manifold and the gasket in order to prevent exhaust leakage. It ensures that all waste gases are securely contained and allows it to be channeled through the catalytic converter for treatment. It can help in avoiding the occurrence of backpressure, wherein the exhaust gases returns back into the engine instead of flowing freely into the exhaust system and out of the vehicle. This poses serious damage to the engine since all waste gases accumulated can choke the engine and thus, allowing it to perform unproductively and worst, causing it total failure when not immediately corrected.

The Subaru exhaust gasket ensures that there is no seepage of exhaust gases along the manifold's connecting points. It works together with other exhaust gaskets such as the flange and ring gaskets that are used in other exhaust connection points such as between the exhaust pipe and the exhaust manifold. These gaskets are usually constructed from the same types of materials. They are typically made of embossed steel that have multiple layers. These are manufactured from high-temperature fiber material, graphite, and ceramic composites.

Have your vehicle's exhaust system be checked periodically to always keep you safe. Exhaust gas specifically carbon monoxide can be dangerous when it enters your interiors. Signs of a blown gasket resulting to exhaust leaks include a louder than usual exhaust sound, noise of exhaust coming from unusual places in your vehicle, a ticking sound when accelerating, a lingering exhaust smell, and failed emission test. When all these are evident in your vehicle, replace the gasket immediately.

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