Gaskets are useful components used in various systems in your vehicle. They are specifically designed to provide a tight sealing between contacting surfaces, internal chambers, and all other vital auto parts so that leaks of oil, coolant, or air are prevented. One important part to have is the Saab exhaust gasket. This is particularly installed in the exhaust manifold where it seals it to the cylinder head. On V6 and V8 engines, they have usually two exhaust manifolds so it will require two exhaust gaskets. Because the exhaust manifold takes the job of collecting the exhaust gases coming from the cylinder and combines it all into a single pipe, it must nevertheless be equipped with high performance exhaust gasket to prevent exhaust gases leakage.

The Saab exhaust gasket allows a tight and rigid seal in between the connection of the exhaust manifold to the cylinder head. The exhaust manifold works by efficiently scavenging out the exhaust gases from the cylinders. This is usually made of cast iron or tubular steel and is mounted at the side of the cylinder. It channels the exhaust gases into the pipes and completely out of the engine. This allows maximum fuel combustion since burnt fuel is freely released. With the exhaust gasket, it ensures that there is no exhaust leakage and that all exhaust gases is routed into the catalytic converter for treatment. It works with other connection points in the exhaust like the flange and ring gaskets.

The exhaust gasket can be constructed with embossed steel, sometimes with multiple layers. This can also be made with high temperature fiber material, graphite, or ceramic composites. Some are built from the combination of various materials to provide optimal sealing. The exhaust gasket usually can last long but after a while, due to its normal aging, its deterioration can eventually occur.

Symptoms of an exhaust leak caused by a worn out exhaust gasket includes louder than normal exhaust sound, exhaust sound coming from unusual locations in your vehicle, a ticking noise while accelerating, a smell of exhaust lingering and failed emission tests. When one or all of these are evident in your vehicle, have it first checked by a qualified technician and replace it. For your Saab, the best replacement to have is the Saab exhaust gasket. This is made with the exact specifications of your vehicle so you will surely benefit from its full functionality.

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