Dark stains of carbon on your Isuzu engine's heads are commonly a sign of a leak in the vehicle's exhaust due to a poor automotive exhaust gasket. It's just risky to allow your existing Isuzu exhaust gasket leak'cause when harmful gases access your cabin, your lungs will probably be impaired. You should not have an problem changing the gasket as long as you have enough DIY experience.

Double check that you understand what type of Isuzu replacement gasket works great with your vehicle to get excellent results. A number of replacement gaskets are made from paper whilst others are produced from tougher components like copper. Terrible leaks could develop because of incorrect setup, so Isuzu sure all the old gasket's pieces are really gone prior to placing the replacement in place into your Isuzu. You may also apply sealants to strengthen the new gasket's traction.

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