Black carbon blemishes on the Eagle engine's heads are commonly indicators of a leak in the vehicle's exhaust due to a poor stock exhaust gasket. You should work on a bad Eagle exhaust gasket quickly or else, poisonous gases may fill your vehicle and even stream into the passenger compartment. Don't worry as working on the gasket ought to be simple for a Do-It-Yourselfer such as yourself.

Ensure you recognize what type of Eagle replacement gasket works great with your ride to get the best results. Certain replacement gaskets are made of paper whilst others are cut from much stronger materials, for instance, copper. Exhaust leaks could occur due to poor installation, therefore, Eagle sure all the factory gasket's pieces are really gone prior to placing the replacement gasket in place into your Eagle. Also, you can apply automotive sealants to bolster the brand-new gasket's grip.

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