Car Engine Splash Shields

For first-time car owners, the vast number of individual car parts that make up their vehicles can be intimidating for them. Usually, they don't have the slightest idea to the more obscure components like the engine splash shield. What does this part do anyway? Well, the splash shield protects the engine from being damaged by external contaminants such as water, mud, branches, rocks, and other debris found on the road. It may be a simple piece of engineered plastic, but the splash shield provides that extra dose of protection your engine needs.

Various engine components such as the alternator, A/C compressor, water pump, air pump, and power steering pump rely on the serpentine drive belt to drive them. Older engine splash shields that have cracked, flapping plastic, or both put additional risk to the serpentine belt and pulleys. Dirt and grime can and will build up on these parts, and rubber belts will deteriorate faster, too. If you're not careful, it won't be long before your engine starts to seize up. A damaged engine isn't a good thing to have!

The car engine splash shield allows you to take care of the engine. Your vehicle is an investment that you should carefully look after. If you want years of trouble-free motoring, then make sure you treat each and every part of your vehicle well. Different automotive systems are composed of smaller parts. You don't need to spend a lot for expensive components. Just remember to do periodic checks on major parts and systems. If you're looking to save money, preventive maintenance is an ideal way to keep your vehicle running in good condition and saving money intended for expensive automotive repairs.

Engine splash shields are usually made of high-density polyethylene. There are two designs available - single sheet and twin sheet splash shields. Between the two, the twin sheet design is also used to enhance the airflow through the engine. Improving aerodynamics under your vehicle is one way to reduce drag and prevent aerodynamic instability at high speeds. When your vehicle has less drag, it is more fuel efficient because it moves easier through the wall of air pushing against it.

We at Parts Train know that an engine failure can be a costly and inconvenient problem. Imagine the hassle of not being able to drive to work, to school or to finish some errands. You can avoid these when you have a proper engine splash shield installed. We carry various models of the splash shield designed for use in different vehicle brands. We guarantee that you'll be purchasing OEM-spec components at bargain deals. So check out our product catalogs, and we'll hook you up with the right shield for your needs.