The engine mount is one of the components of your car’s engine system which must be given extra care and attention. Failure of the engine mounts to efficiently perform its designated tasks can lead to serious accidents. Damaged mounts must be repaired at once but if mere engine mount repair cannot solve the problem, then better go for a new replacement. Engine mounts are not universal. Pontiac engine mount for instance has unique features of its own so you may have to go for an OEM engine mount replacement instead of an aftermarket product. Engine shaking is one of the common signs of a defective engine mount. Either a repair or a replacement can be done but replacement can most likely give better results. The position of the engine mount can depend on the type or the features of the engine used. Transverse engine types have engine mounts installed in front and the at rear sections. For this type of engine, the front engine mount can easily wear out as compared to the rear engine mount. On the other hand, engines facing forward have the engine mounts positioned on the left and right sides. Engine mounts used for modern auto models can be electronically or hydraulically controlled. Electronic engine mounts are equipped with silicone filled chambers. It is protected by a metal shell which offers greater resistance to cracking and leaking. You can check out for cracks by running your fingers across the engine mount surface. If you feel some rough spots then it would likely mean cracks and scratches which could eventually lead to leaking. The choice whether to have engine mount repair or engine mount replacement would greatly depend on the extent of damage. Mere scratches can be repaired but cracks on the other hand could lead to several complications so it would definitely need a new replacement. You can go to your nearest local store to purchase a new engine mount for your Pontiac or better yet, go directly here at Partstrain for faster and easier purchase. You can choose from our wide array of Pontiac engine mount replacements but make sure that it will match the configurations and specs required by your engine system.