From a simple piece of rubber stuffed in between two pieces of steel, engine mounts have evolved into a complex component now equipped with added chambers to cope with the tough pressure and demands of modern driving. The features of both the front engine mount and back engine mount of your auto vary depending on the car model or make. Oldsmobile engine mount has its own distinct features that you must specifically take in consideration when buying new replacement may it be from Partstrain or from other online stores. Defect or damage in your car’s engine mount may call for either a repair or a replacement. Engine mount repair can be easily done although it may depend on the features of your component. The more complex the features, the harder it is to repair so better ask help from an expert auto mechanic. Engine mount replacement on the other hand may cost you a few dollars but it is much better than waiting for the factory component to wear out completely. Take note that the engine mount is a vital part of your engine, which is actually the heart of your car. Thus, a defect in any of its components could negatively affect its over all functionality and efficiency. And in turn, it can affect the over all performance of your car. So which is a better choice? Would you go for engine mount repair or engine mount replacement? Of course, your decision will greatly depend on the condition of the factory component. Engine mounts usually worn out if the rubber is soaked in oil coming from the valve gasket. In some cases, the mounts could twist out of shape and would eventually get cracks and scratches. Engine mounts positioned in front of transverse type engines are more exposed to wear and tear since it gets easily pulled as the engine performs its daily task. You can check it out by using a pry bar. Engine mounts mounted on the rear section on the other hand, can be checked by using two steel plates since it is more difficult to access.