An engine mount is a device that attaches an engine to a model. Engine mounts today are not as simple as the one used by the cars in early times. Older engine mounts were a big slab of rubber in between two chunks of flat steel. Nowadays, the engine mount are precisely engineered with specific shapes, rubber hardness and voids or the air gaps.

Engine mounts can be a hydraulic engine mount or electronically controlled engine mount. The hydraulic engine mount has chambers filled with silicone fluid while the electronically powered engine mount features the simplicity of their motor mounts which are relatively vibration free. Engine mounts with hydraulic chambers are circular in shape and part of its structure is a metal shell. A much better engine mount is the electronic-hydraulic engine mounts.

Your Ford is probably equipped with an electronic-hydraulic mount which are also used by other variety of car models. Ford engine mount based on "electronic-hydraulic" concepts is an engine mount with two fluid chambers connected by a large orifice (kept closed by a valve) and a small orifice (that is always open). The latter allows the mount to operate like a stiff shock absorber. When the engine is in idle status, a vacuum diaphragm causes the rotary valve to open the large orifice allowing more fluid flow between the chambers. It is in this process that the idle shake of the engine is absorbed.

The Ford engine mount that is vulnerable to damage is the one at the front of the engine. This ford engine mount is pulled up and down as well as forward and backward. Your Ford may not be new anymore so most probably the Ford engine mount is already worn out. You can check this if the rubber is already soaked in oil that leaked through the valve cover gasket. Also, engine mount failure can be due to twisted out shape or some serious cracks on it.

You will not allow your Ford to shake terribly nor wait for the time that your engine will just fall off from your hood, won't you? If your Ford engine mount starts to fail, replacement is the only option to maintain the powerful performance of your Ford. Parts Train has a wide selection of genuine and durable Ford engine mount. Whatever Ford model you have, Parts Train can surely provide you with the best engine mount fitted to your engine.