Every time you put your foot on the pedal, thousands of force and power is discharged in order to get your car moving. This can cause enormous amount of vibrations in your car. But thanks to the engine mount the engine is firmly set in its place significantly reducing the occurrence of annoying pulsations. But the sad fact is only a few people actually pay enough attention to their engine mounts.

As a Cadillac owner you have to understand that keeping an engine mount in top condition is essential to the function of your engine. Aside from reducing pulsations and connecting the engine to the framework, engine mounts also make sure that all components of your Cadillac are in correct alignment. This way all functions of your car are carried out effectively. Most engine mounts are made of rubber. The rubber material in the mount is the one responsible for controlling the vibrations and holding the mounting points together.

After thousands of miles though, your engine mount will experience wear. The rubber may break and fall apart. Oil and fluids may also leak in the mount causing it to become spongy. Likewise, bad driving habits could quickly reduce the service life of your mount. As such, it is vital that you inspect the mount regularly. If it needs replacement do it at once. Putting off the job could only aggravate the rocking or pulsations that you feel.

Remember that if one of the mounts is worn out, check on the other mounts as well. The odds are the rest of the mounts are also nearing their end, so immediately address the problem to avoid total failure. If you do not have the necessary skill in replacing your engine mount, do not hesitate to contact your mechanic and let them do the job for you. They are the experts, after all, so you are certain that your Cadillac is in good hands.

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