Putting a stop to engine noise and pulsations is easy and simple if you know what to do. But what most car owners forget to understand is that simply tuning up the engine would not solve the problem because oftentimes the problem is not with the engine but with its mount. Yes, your car just like everybody else's has this simple mechanism that serves as the connection point of your engine and the chassis. And yes, this simple mechanism is the one responsible for dampening vibrations and noise in the engine.

So, if your Buick vehicle has been vibrating a lot lately you better check on your engine mount and see if it was worn out. In most instances, engine mounts are seldom replaced but if your Buick has already travel thousands of miles and vibration is evident then you may already have a broken engine mount. Insisting on driving with a damaged engine mount can be very dangerous. The linkages can get wedged causing unintentional acceleration. The engine can also spin frontward and damage the radiator with the fan blades.

Reckless driving and adjustments in engine power can also cause engine mount failure. Likewise, fluids, oil or water leaking through the mount can immediately weaken the engine mount. When your Buick engine mount has reached its limit you would have to secure replacement right away. Be sure to check the other engine mounts as well even if only one mount has failed. This way you can be sure that you will have no other problem in the future. Inspect also the transmission mounts as they could have also been stressed out and on its way to failure.

Take note that engine mounts are more than just a connecting device. It integrates materials that takes in the pulsation of the engine and offset the engine's movement. One way of inspecting your Buick engine mount is by putting a big lever bar between the chassis and the engine. If you can lift the engine freely at that instance then consider yourself warned and arrange for a replacement the soonest possible time you can. For vehicles with larger engine, a jack and blocks of woods may be needed in order to check the engine mount. Installing a new engine mount needs you to unscrew the engine, hold it with a jack and then install the new mount.

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