Are you frustrated of those driveline lashes that get more noticeable when braking and accelerating? Engine vibrations and noise can be somewhat annoying—and dangerous as well. You can solve this problem by replacing your stock Acura RSX engine mount with a new one. This internal combustion engine component provides comfort as well as utility to your vehicle by allowing your engine mounts to move without making you feel the noise and vibration. Aside from that, it ensures that your engine is secured in its place by keeping all your engine components properly aligned.

You can usually see the Acura RSX engine mount directly connected to the chassis of your internal combustion engine. This structural brace and damper is made of several sub parts that enable it to perform its intended function. Some of these include the rubber padding, nuts and bolts, and metal brackets as well. The engine is cushioned against vibrations by the rubber padding. On the other hand, the metal brackets serve the function of attaching the engine to the chassis of your car. To prevent excessive vibrations, some engine mounts even feature hydraulic suspension mechanisms.

A typical car like your Acura RSX is equipped with a rear engine mount and a front engine mount. They are usually made out of rubber and steel, so that they can withstand the pressures in the engine compartment. However, rubber is prone to heat chemicals and vapors that can wear it over time. Usually, your Acura RSX engine mount will last for about 60,000 miles. But you can prolong its service life by keeping it well maintained by constant cleaning and inspection.

A leading indication that your Acura RSX engine mount needs to be replaced is when you feel some vibration during acceleration or braking. A clunking or movement in the drivetrain is another tell-tale sign that it is worn out. Do not take this for granted, because broken mounts could make your engine components fall apart—resulting to unintentional acceleration. Aside from that, your radiator and exhaust pipes can get punctured, which could make you spend more money.

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