Acura is known to be one of the tough competitors for high quality vehicles. As such it will do any good if any part of the vehicle is not functioning well, especially if the problem happens to lie somewhere in the engine. Once you experience engine vibration and grinding noises under your hood, it is most likely that your engine mount has come loose or that some other part of the engine is not as good as it used to be. No one would want to be driving in a shaky and noisy vehicle, so if you experience any of these symptoms with your Acura car, you should have it checked as soon as possible.

A lot of car owners may not be aware of it but a very important element under the hood of the car is the engine mount. This device functions a lot like the joints in the human body, connecting the various bones in order to make the whole. The engine mount is the one that connects the engine to the chassis. Whenever the engine is turned on, its produces a disturbance force that causes vibration under the hood that also affects the vehicle frame. This engine vibration cannot be done away with; however, with the use of the engine mount; the vibration produced can be greatly reduced. Aside from vibration and noise reduction, the engine mount also maintains the proper position of the engine and the transmission system.

The engine mount is also bound to lose its sharpness because of some factors including length of use, heat and chemicals. Driving around with a broken engine mount is very dangerous. Having your car thoroughly checked will be a wise thing to do if you feel an abnormal vibration and harsh noise coming from your engine.

The engine mounts produced these days vary a lot in designs. Careful engineering is done in order to come up with a more appropriate and functional mount for all vehicles. In selecting one you have to see all the specifications so that it will just be the right fit for your engine.

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