Car Emblems

An emblem or logo offers instant recognition of a specific brand of automobile. This is especially true for those car owners who drive sporty and luxurious car brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Rolls-Royce. Even for people who don't have a keen interest in automobiles could easily distinguish the major car brands just by looking at the individual logos.

Most, if not all, emblems that are currently used by the car manufacturers today have a story behind their designs. One of the more famous car company logos is from Ferrari. Popular for its high-performance sports cars, Ferrari's history is deeply rooted in motorsports, specifically Formula One. In fact, its team is the only one to have competed in the Formula One World Championship continuously since the series was launched back in 1950. The famous "Cavallino Rampante" or "Prancing Horse" symbol of Ferrari was originally used by Count Francesco Baracca, a legendary ace of the Italian Air Force during World War I. His mother, Countess Paolina, insisted that Enzo Ferrari use this logo for his cars. Combined with their famous "Rosso Corsa" or "racing red" color, Ferrari's logo is easily recognizable worldwide.

Another famous car emblem is from BMW, a car brand that's synonymous to performance luxury vehicles. The Bavarian car maker's logo is popular because of its simple aviation theme-white blades of an aircraft propeller against a blue sky. However, this story was incorrect, as the car maker's logo was meant to showcase the white and blue colors of Bavaria.

Everyone would think that a car emblem isn't worth a lot, but it does get stolen. Held only by adhesive, it's quite easy to pry off a car body. When this happens to your vehicle, you can buy and install a replacement. To begin, use some adhesive remover to clear the old adhesive left behind. Finish it off with some rubbing alcohol to clean off any remaining adhesive remover. This will ensure that the new logo will stick well to the car body. Now, carefully center the new logo and press it firmly to make sure it sticks.

Now, if you need an OEM emblem or even a customized one, check out Parts Train's product catalogs. We have a comprehensive selection of all the major car makers' logos and even showcase customized variants. Installing this part is a breeze because you only need to have a hair dryer, flathead screwdriver, adhesive remover, multipurpose cleaner, and a clean cloth. You can easily do it in your garage! There's no reason for you to drive around town with your vehicle missing a logo or two. Do yourself and your ride a favor and purchase a new logo at the soonest time.