An excessively elevated temperature within the combustion chamber means a little bit of nitrogen oxide is formed which may affect the atmosphere. A vehicle without a fully-functional Volvo 850 EGR valve presents a threat to environmental surroundings by permitting the combustion chamber to give off nitrogen oxide, also known as NOX. In 1960, the Exhaust Gas Recirculation or EGR system was first introduced to the public in order to promote environmental knowledge.

To help the exhaust gas get back to the combustion chamber, the EGR system makes use of a vacuum regulated valve. Since the level of exhaust is balanced, generally there will be minimal smog and also NOX emissions in the environment. Optimum air mix within the combustion chamber may be achieved using the EGR valve; this will help boost engine energy. A clogged EGR valve will cause problems in your entire performance, particularly valve knock and in some situations, even rough idling. Acceleration and speed will certainly be decreased when you have a clogged valve within your vehicle.

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