With the driver's need in mind, Volvo created a vehicle lineup that caters to the needs of every car owner. Through the years Volvo has continually enhanced its models and equipped it with cutting edge technology. Despite stiff competition in the market, Volvo has been able to outfit their vehicles with equipments and components that offer superb safety and power. As safety and reliability is among the features of Volvo, you can never go wrong with choosing this vehicle marque.

All components of your Volvo are made from high grade materials. It is essential though that you maintain regular upkeep and inspection to keep its parts in top notch working condition. The EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) valve is among the important parts of your Volvo. It is a vital part of the emission system that functions as the regulator of the emission of nitrous oxide. The valve does this by re-circulating the exhaust gas in order to lessen the combustion temperature. Because some exhaust gases does not burn, it stays in the combustion chamber and functions as the temperature reducer.

There are many designs of EGR valve available in the market today. Some function solely on vacuum while others work on a mixture of pressure and vacuum. Some EGR valves also have electronic controls and others have mechanical controls. All of these valves are made from tough and heavy duty materials designed to withstand any operating condition. Nonetheless, wear and tear is still inevitable especially if the valve is beyond its service life.

Signs of a damaged EGR valve include rough idle, hesitation and stalling. When the valve does not open when it is supposed to open, the engine will not idle appropriately or you will experience knocking. When this happens it is vital that you secure replacement as soon as possible. Take note that immediate replacement is essential to avoid damaging the rest of the engine system. If you are unsure of the mounting process, have your local mechanic do the replacement for you. They have the necessary tools and equipment in going about the process.

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