Volkswagen has been in the automotive market for decades now. In fact, Volkswagen vehicles have become a part of the history and lives of many people over the years. Boasting of superb power, trendy designs and reliable engineering, Volkswagen has long been trusted by many car aficionados in any road operation. With continuous innovation and enhancements, Volkswagen is still one of the most reliable and highly competitive vehicles in the market.

Owning a Volkswagen offers great pride and pleasure. If you are one of the lucky owners of this vehicle, you are certainly aware of the superb power and performance it offers. All its components are made from top quality materials to ensure its durability and long service. Among the vital parts of your Volkswagen is the EGR valve. Located above the exhaust pipe, its main purpose is to re-circulate a metered amount of the exhaust back to the intake manifold. In there the gas will be re-burned keeping the combustion chamber cool; thus controlling the formation of nitrogen oxides.

A fully functional Volkswagen EGR valve is essential to ensure that you will have a trouble-free ride for thousands of miles. Most Volkswagen EGR valves are made from high grade and tough materials designed to withstand any working condition. But sooner or later your EGR valve will have its fair share of wear and tear. The valve can be disconnected or shut resulting to detonations and excessive NOX emission. If the valve also fails to close, it can result to stalling, rough idle and engine hesitation. As such, proper care and maintenance is essential to keep the valve in top working condition.

You can check the valve's operation by opening the throttle so that the engine reaches 2,500 rpm or more. If the damage is beyond repair, secure for a replacement as soon as possible. A damaged EGR valve can adversely affect engine function. For this reason, replacing the valve right away is crucial. Have your competent mechanic do the replacement if you are unsure of the replacement procedure. They have the knowledge, tools and skill in going about the process.

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