If the combustion chamber's heat range is too high, traces of nitrogen oxide may surface which may possibly contribute to air pollution. A car without a fully-functional Saturn Vue EGR valve presents a risk to the surroundings by allowing the combustion chamber to release nitrogen oxide, also known as NOX. This Exhaust Gas Recirculation system, or EGR, has been has been minimizing air pollution for more than five decades now.

A vacuum directed valve directs some amount of exhaust back within the combustion chamber of the motor. Smog as well as nitrogen oxide emissions are lessened once exhaust levels are pushed back within the chamber. Optimal air mixture in the combustion chamber can be reached using the EGR valve; this will help increase vehicle power. A plugged EGR valve may result to problems in your performance, particularly valve knock and in some instances, even rough idling. Velocity and acceleration will certainly be cut in half when there is a blocked valve within your car.

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