Extreme temperature in your engine might be unfavorable to the emissions efficiency in your vehicle, and that's the reason why you have an EGR valve in your Saturn Sw2-to protect the engine from becoming excessively hot. Your Saturn Sw2 EGR valve is engineered to direct a specific amount of exhaust gases back into the intake and the cylinders to be able to lower the temperature in the combustion chamber, eliminating the rise of engine temp.

While the EGR valve particularly influences exhaust emissions, it likewise has an impact on the total efficiency of the engine; its failure could result in various engine problems. A few of the problems that you'll go through if the Saturn Sw2 EGR valve deteriorates are rough idling and stalling-those are problems that call for speedy notice. When carrying out an inspection of this part, be particularly cautious in examining whether the part is stuck in the open position or in the close position; this is a typical issue involving EGR valves at present.

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