To conform to the strict vehicle emissions standards that are in effect in most places today, the automotive engineers have developed the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve. This particular auto product plays an important part in keeping the pollution produced by the vehicle like Saab in an acceptable level, allowing the vehicle to pass the emissions inspection process. The EGR valve is an integral part in two vehicle systems of the Saab, the engine's emission and ignition systems. It helps keep the vehicle operate at its most efficient, reducing the harmful emissions of the vehicle by increasing the efficiency of the engine, helping it burn fuel in a clean and efficient manner.

Typically mounted on the intake manifold, the Saab EGR valve permits a measured amount of exhaust gasses back into the engine. It aids in assisting with the prevention of detonation in the combustion chambers by helping burn fuel in a clean and efficient. When there is a clean burn of fuel in the combustion chamber, there is less pollution generated by the evaporation of unburned fuel, reducing the output of chemicals from the vehicle.

However, under extremely hot combustion, a reaction between the nitrogen and the two other by-products occurs and turns into nitrogen oxide (NO). Once that nitrogen oxide is released into the air, oxygen is picked up changing the nitrogen oxide to nitrogen dioxide (NO2). But the Saab EGR valve opens and closes keeping the combustion chamber cool so that when the chemicals are released into the air from the tailpipe, they will not change into nitrogen dioxide which is an ozone eating compound.

If the Saab EGR valve has malfunctioned, the Saab auto can begin to suffer performance problems such as a loss of engine power, engine knock, stalling, hesitation, rough idle, excess exhaust emissions, poor fuel mileage, and detonation. The detonation is the explosion of fuel in the combustion chambers, rather than the clean burn of fuel that produces efficient engine performance. Detonation happens when the valve is unable to close tightly.

Detonation can be very damaging to vital engine parts, often leading to expensive repairs. If the EGR valve has malfunctioned, it can affect the performance of your Saab vehicle, causing those symptoms to arise. Should you decide to replace it with a new high quality part this time? Begin your search here at Parts Train, the industry's leading provider of the only quality automotive parts. You can sit and relax at the comfort of your home and have an easy and quick order of high quality Saab EGR valve in our hassle-free online ordering system. You'll now be confidently meeting the tough vehicle emission standards as soon as you get your order here at Parts Train.