When the combustion chamber's temperature is extremely hot, remnants of nitrogen oxide will emerge which could essentially contribute to smog. A vehicle without a fully-functional Pontiac Torrent EGR valve is a risk to the environment by letting the combustion chamber to give off nitrogen oxide, commonly known as NOX. The particular Exhaust Gas Recirculation system, or EGR, has been assisting reduction of pollution for over five decades now.

The main EGR system of your car has a valve which is vacuum controlled to help direct exhaust gases back within the engine's combustion chamber. With a bit of exhaust guided back into the chamber, nitrogen oxide emissions are cut down and smog in the environment is also considerably lessened. A strong EGR valve also lends extra power into the engine by preserving the ideal level of air mixture that is needed to obtain combustion. A clogged EGR valve will result to irregularities in the efficiency, including valve knock and in some instances, even rough idling. Acceleration and speed will be equally cut in half when you have a blocked valve in your car.

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