Small portions of nitrogen oxide will be blended with the gases within an excessively hot combustion chamber; the atmosphere and environment will be endangered when this transpires. The Pontiac Fiero EGR valve blocks the formation of NOX, also known as nitrogen oxides, inside the chamber and halts it from being released into the atmosphere. In the 60's, the Exhaust Gas Recirculation or EGR system was initially presented to the public in order to increase environmental awareness.

So as to let the exhaust fumes get back to the combustion chamber, the vital EGR system makes use of a vacuum controlled valve. With a bit of exhaust guided back inside the chamber, nitrogen oxide emissions are reduced and smoke and fog in the air is also greatly lowered. A strong EGR valve also gives extra power into the engine by preserving the optimum amount of air mixture that's needed to obtain combustion. A plugged EGR valve may cause irregularities in your performance, such as valve knock and in some instances, even rough idling. Velocity and acceleration will be equally cut in half if there's a blocked valve inside your vehicle.

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