Small amounts of nitrogen oxide will be blended with the gases in an excessively heated combustion chamber; the atmosphere and environment will be put at risk once this happens. The Pontiac EGR valve prevents the growth of NOX, also known as nitrogen oxides, inside the chamber and also halts it from being discharged directly into the surroundings. During the 1960's, the Exhaust Gas Recirculation also known as EGR system was initially introduced to the public in order to promote environmental consciousness.

A vacuum directed valve directs some level of exhaust back into the combustion chamber of the engine. Because the amount of exhaust is equalized, there will definitely be minimal smog and NOX pollutants in the atmosphere. To help with the combustion process, the EGR valve maintains the proper amount of air mixture within the chamber. Do not let the EGR valve get plugged since this may cause poor performance, including rough idling and also valve knock. Acceleration and speed will be equally decreased once there's a defective valve in your car.

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