If the combustion chamber's heat range becomes too high, remnants of nitrogen oxide will appear which can essentially contribute to environmental deterioration. The nitrogen oxides, also known as NOX, may form inside the chamber and ultimately straight into the air as long as your vehicle is not installed with Nissan Xterra EGR valve. This Exhaust Gas Recirculation system, also known as EGR, has been assisting reduction of pollution for almost five decades now.

A vacuum directed valve helps push a certain volume of exhaust back within the combustion chamber of the vehicle. Smog and NOX emissions are minimized as soon as exhaust levels are pushed back within the chamber. An EGR valve also adds extra energy into the engine by preserving the perfect level of air concoction that is needed for combustion. A clogged EGR valve may cause irregularities in the performance, particularly valve knock and in certain situations, even rough idling. A bad valve can also slow down the speed of your vehicle.

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