Super hot temperature in your engine might be unfavorable to the emissions efficiency in your vehicle, and that's why you have an EGR valve mounted in your Nissan Pathfinder-to secure the powerplant of your auto from becoming too hot. Every Nissan Pathfinder EGR valve is developed to direct a specific percentage of fumes from the exhaust system to the intake and the cylinders to be able to cool the combustion chamber, eliminating the rise of engine temp.

Though the EGR valve specifically affects exhaust emissions, it likewise has an effect on the overall efficiency of the engine; its damage could result in specific issues with the engine. When the Nissan Pathfinder EGR valve becomes defective, you can expect to experience rough idling and stalling-don't disregard these concerns or they could bring about considerable troubles. Cautiously examine the valve and pay particular attention to its capability to switch from the open to the close position and back-the majority of EGR valves fail in the form of becoming seized, ending up unable to manage the circulation of exhaust.

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