To regulate the amount of harmful pollutants produced by vehicles, most of the contemporary creations are specialized with a complex system that is designed to reduce the amount of emissions, and the EGR valve Nissan is one of the many components of this system. The EGR valve or the Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve is probably the most important component of the emissions control system. It is a small component mounted to the intake manifold of Nissan's engine which serves a purpose in two separate vehicle systems; to aid in the efficient operation of the engine and with good exhaust performance.

The Nissan EGR valve is the primary mechanism that controls the emissions in the exhaust gas recirculation system. It is powered with vacuum from the engine, and will only operate when the engine has reached the normal operating temperature. At this point, the valve will open and a small amount of exhaust will be re-circulated. With that capability, the EGR valve significantly keeps the combustion chamber temperatures low enough to prevent the chemical compounds from turning into ozone damaging, nitrogen dioxide.

The EGR valve Nissan, therefore plays an integral part in the engine as it is able to redirect a portion of the exhaust. That amount of exhaust carries unburned fuel back into the combustion chamber, allowing it to undergo combustion again. Moreover, it helps keep temperature cool enough in the combustion chamber to prevent the production of the nitrogen dioxide, an ozone deteriorating compound when released into the atmosphere from the tailpipe.

If the process works correctly, the amount of pollutants released by the engine is reduced. But over a period of years, the EGR valve Nissan may stop functioning correctly and replacement will eventually be necessary. If the EGR valve Nissan isn't functioning properly, it can cause frequent stalling and hesitation, along with rough idle, if it is stuck in the open position. The faulty EGR valve can also cause detonation in the combustion chamber if it is unable to close tightly.

If either of these symptoms becomes evident with your Nissan, secure a replacement as soon as possible to avoid further damages. Should you decide to replace your faulty EGR valve with highest quality EGR valve Nissan, Parts Train will back you up towards restoring the efficiency of your Nissan engine and exhaust systems. Parts Train always looks forward to providing its customers with only the quality EGR valve Nissan.