Even though your Mercury Mariner engine needs heating for it to operate, any excess is bad because it increases production of poisonous gases-eliminate intense heat in the vehicle powerplant by mounting an EGR valve. Designed to cool the engine cylinders by mixing the combustion mixture with gases from the exhaust, this Mercury Mariner EGR valve can substantially bring improvements to your vehicle's exhaust efficiency.

Though the EGR valve specifically affects the efficiency of exhaust release, it also impacts the total efficiency of the engine; its damage may cause various issues with the engine. Some of the troubles that you will encounter when the Mercury Mariner EGR valve becomes damaged are stalling and roughness during idle-such are complications which demand prompt consideration. If you are conducting an assessment of the said component, be specifically cautious in looking whether the device is stuck in the open position or in the close position; it's a typical trouble involving EGR valves at present.

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