Moderate amounts of nitrogen oxide may be mixed with the gases inside an exceedingly hot combustion chamber; the environment and atmosphere will probably be put at risk when this happens. The nitrogen oxides, or NOX, could form in the chamber and ultimately directly into the environment when your vehicle has not been installed with Mercury Marauder EGR valve. EGR is short for Exhaust Gas Recirculation and this specific part has long been greatly distributed for many years now in order to reduce smog.

The EGR system of your car consists of a valve which is vacuum controlled to route exhaust gases back into the engine's combustion chamber. With a small level of exhaust guided back inside the chamber, NOX emissions are reduced and smog in the air is also significantly lessened. Ideal air mix in the combustion chamber can be attained via the EGR valve; this can help boost motor strength. Rough idling and valve knock may interfere with the performance of your vehicle when the EGR valve becomes blocked. Car speed may also be affected once you use a defective valve.

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