The Mercury vehicle is composed of several systems that are of equal importance to achieve a great driving performance. One of these systems is the exhaust system which is mainly responsible for the clean emissions of the vehicle. Your Mercury has to have a harmless exhaust so that your vehicle will not become a contributor in polluting the air. If your Mercury is not properly equipped with emissions control component chances are you will be violating the state implemented emission standards. To reinforce the reliability of the exhaust system, Mercury design engineers have integrated the Mercury EGR valve that will aid in achieving clean and harmless emissions.

The Mercury EGR valve is a emission control component designed to decrease the level of temperature produced during the engine's combustion process. It is mounted with the engine's intake manifold to make possible the opening to a small passage where some of the exhaust would be sent back to the engine cylinder. The Mercury EGR valve works by allowing the recirculation of the exhaust back to the engine through the intake manifold. The recirculation process is an effective way of reducing the temperature produced in the combustion process since high temperature allows the increase production of nitrous oxide which is an engine byproduct.

The nitrous oxide once mixed with other compounds in the atmosphere becomes a factor in the formation of a pollutant called smog. To prevent this, the production of nitrous oxide should be reduced if it cannot be totally avoided, by installing the Mercury EGR valve. The Mercury EGR valve reduces the combustion temperatures thus limiting the formation of the oxides of nitrogen. The EGR valve should remain close when the Mercury engine is idle and must be opened once the engine is running. If the EGR valve malfunctioned, either of which may happen: nitrous oxide soars up or leaks will occur resulting to rough idle and engine stalling.

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