An excessively elevated heat in the combustion chamber means a certain amount of nitrogen oxide is produced which may harm the atmosphere. A ride without a fully-functional Mercedes Benz S350 EGR valve presents a risk to the surroundings by permitting the combustion chamber to release nitrogen oxide, also known as NOX. The particular Exhaust Gas Recirculation mechanism, also known as EGR, has been assisting reduction of air pollution for over five decades now.

The EGR system of your car includes a valve which is vacuum regulated to direct exhaust gas back into the engine's combustion chamber. With a small level of exhaust directed into the chamber, NOX emissions are reduced and smog in the atmosphere is also significantly lessened. Optimal air concoction in the combustion chamber can be attained by the EGR valve; this can help boost engine strength. Rough idling and also valve knock may reduce the efficiency of your car if the EGR valve becomes blocked. Automobile acceleration may also be reduced if you use a damaged valve.

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