Very high temperature in your engine could be threatening to the emissions efficiency in your vehicle, and that's the reason there is an EGR valve in your Mercedes Benz E Class-to keep the engine from becoming extremely hot. The Mercedes Benz E Class EGR valve is developed to direct a certain amount of fumes from the exhaust system back into the intake and the cylinders in the engine in order to provide cooling to the combustion chamber, preventing the rise of temp in your car motor.

Besides the functionality of the exhaust system, the EGR valve also impacts the overall performance of the automotive motor-complications encountered by the said part usually leads to a poor ride. As soon as the Mercedes Benz E Class EGR valve ends up defective, you can expect to feel rough idling along with stalling-don't ever ignore these concerns or they may bring about serious complications. Carefully check the part and be sure to gauge its ability to open or close-most EGR valves break down in the form of becoming seized, not being able to manage the movement of exhaust.

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