An extremely elevated heat inside the combustion chamber indicates some nitrogen oxide is formed which can pollute the environment. The Mercedes Benz E280 EGR valve inhibits the formation of NOX, or nitrogen oxides, within the chamber as well as prevents it from being emitted straight into the atmosphere. The Exhaust Gas Recirculation part, or EGR, has been assisting reduction of air pollution for over five decades now.

A vacuum controlled valve directs a specific level of exhaust back within the combustion chamber of the motor. With a small level of exhaust guided back inside the chamber, NOX emissions are reduced and pollution in the environment is also considerably decreased. A strong EGR valve also adds more power into the engine by preserving the ideal degree of air concoction that's needed for combustion. Rough idling and also valve knock could affect the performance of your automobile once the EGR valve becomes blocked. Automobile speed can also be affected once you have a damaged valve.

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