Super hot temperature in your engine can be threatening to the emissions efficiency in your vehicle, and that's why you'll find an EGR valve in your Mercedes Benz 300te-to keep the powerplant of your auto from turning extremely hot. Your Mercedes Benz 300te EGR valve is developed to deliver a particular portion of fumes from the exhaust system towards the intake system and the engine cylinders in order to provide cooling to the combustion area, eliminating the surge of engine temp.

In addition to exhaust performance, the EGR valve also impacts the general productivity of the vehicle powerplant-problems encountered by the valve often leads to a lousy ride. As soon as your Mercedes Benz 300te EGR valve becomes damaged, you can expect to experience rough idling as well as stalling-do not disregard these concerns or they can bring about major conditions. Carefully examine the part and pay particular attention to its capability to open or close-the majority of EGR valves break down by means of becoming stuck, not being able to control the flow of fumes.

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