An excessively high temperature inside the combustion chamber means a little bit of nitrogen oxide is formed which may affect the environment. The Mazda B2000 EGR valve prevents the growth of NOX, also known as nitrogen oxides, in the chamber and halts it from being emitted straight into the environment. The particular Exhaust Gas Recirculation mechanism, commonly known as EGR, has been has been minimizing pollution for more than five decades now.

So as to allow the exhaust gas go back to the combustion chamber, the primary EGR mechanism makes use of a vacuum controlled valve. With a certain amount of exhaust directed in to the chamber, NOX emissions are cut down and smoke and fog in the atmosphere is also significantly lowered. Optimal air mix within the combustion chamber could be reached via the EGR valve; this will certainly help boost vehicle strength. Rough idling and valve knock could affect the performance of your car when the EGR valve clogs up. Automobile acceleration can also be reduced once you have a damaged valve.

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