To achieve a powerful driving performance, Mazda's engine has to be efficient in carrying out its functions. The engine system is responsible for producing the power that is boosted out in the automobile's performance. It follows then, that a dependable engine system is free from any engine waste products produced during the combustion process in order for it to "breathe" well thus, great horsepower and torque is achieved. On top of this, Mazda is designed to be an eco-friendly line of automobiles through its efficient exhaust system that emits harmless exhaust. This is Mazda's way to contribute to the well being of the environment.

Mazda's team of engineers makes sure that their design would be precise to minimize the emissions that produce harmful gases such as the nitrous oxide. The EGR valve or Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve is integrated in the design that serves as the reducer of this harmful nitrous oxide. During the engine's combustion process, nitrous oxide is produced and its production increases as the combustion temperature also increases. When the nitrous oxide is released into the atmosphere, it will mix with oxygen and becomes nitrogen oxide which is a component in the formation of the pollutant known as smog. To prevent this to happen, the temperature during the combustion process should be reduced.

The reduction of the combustion temperature is the main function of the Mazda EGR valve. How does EGR valve achieve this? The EGR works by allowing the recirculation of some of the exhaust gas through the intake manifold back to the engine cylinders. When the recirculated exhaust gas mixes with the incoming air, this dilutes the mixture thus, lowering the combustion temperature. If a lowered temperature is achieved then it will reduce the formation of nitrous oxide therefore there will also be a significant reduction in the formation of smog which means a cleaner environment. Every one of us deserves to breathe clean air so make sure that your Mazda EGR valve is always in its perfect condition.

The integration of the Mazda EGR valve into your automobile's design gives you the opportunity to be a contributor in the clean-air drive. And to maintain such endeavor, the Mazda EGR valve has to be kept functional at all times. However, if the time comes that your Mazda EGR would call for a replacement, do it the soonest possible time. Parts Train is open anytime of any day to provide you with all your EGR valve needs. Parts Train also offers other replacement parts and accessories for all makes and models. Shopping at Parts Train is convenient through its online ordering system tough personal assistance by friendly customer representative is also provided.