Luxury and prestige — the two best words that can be associated with Lincoln automobiles. As early as 1920s, the Lincoln brand was already topping the automotive industry with its outstanding automobiles particularly limousines. Lincoln products were even tagged as presidential cars not just because it was used and named after former President Abraham Lincoln but also served as service vehicles of several US Presidents. In this regard, owning a Lincoln automobile is indeed a very good investment that is why taking good care of it to maintain its showroom and good running condition is a must.

One of the important components that you should regularly check is the EGR valve to ensure that the harmful emissions of your vehicle will be regulated. EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) valves like the Lincoln EGR valve is a device used to reduce the nitrogen oxide and nitrogen dioxide from the emission of most vehicles using gasoline and diesel engines. EGR valves reduce the combustion temperature by re-circulating a portion of the engine's exhaust gas to the engine cylinders. Such recirculation process prevents nitrogen from mixing with other byproducts to form a nitrous oxide, a harmful substance.

A kind of pollutant called smog is bound to be formed the nitrous oxide is released to the atmosphere and has mixed with the oxygen to form the nitrogen dioxide which will then be mixed with others compounds such as hydrocarbons. But by using EGR valve, the combustion temperature is lessened before a nitrous oxide compound is formed. The temperature reduction process is made possible by sending back some of exhaust gas via intake manifold into the cylinders resulting to a much safer and environment-friendly emission.

EGR valves also come to a point of gradual deterioration due to the long and regular operation of the engine. In the event that your vehicle's EGR valve has already become completely inoperative then you are left with no other choice but to have it replaced. For your EGR replacement products needs, you can start browsing our catalogue. Here at Parts Train, we offer great deals and wide array of premium quality EGR valves and other parts and accessories for all your automotive needs. Check them out now!