Extreme temp in your car motor could be detrimental to your car emissions, and that is the reason there is an EGR valve in your Lexus Sc300-to keep the engine from becoming extremely heated. The Lexus Sc300 EGR valve is engineered to deliver a specific amount of fumes from the exhaust system back into the intake and the cylinders in order to lower the temperature in the combustion area, eliminating the increase of engine temp.

Besides exhaust performance, the EGR valve likewise influences the total productivity of the automotive motor-complications encountered by the said part often causes a lousy engine performance. As soon as your Lexus Sc300 EGR valve gets defective, expect to encounter rough idling along with stalling-don't ever ignore the said problems or they can bring about considerable troubles. Anytime you're conducting a check-up of this part, be especially cautious in looking if the item is jammed and seized in the open or close position; it is a common problem among EGR valves nowadays.

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