Burning up of fuel or combustion is an integral operation of all vehicles. The power that the vehicle uses to run comes from the burned up fuel in the internal combustion engine. If this process is really efficient, your vehicle will ensure excellent drivability and handling. However, there's a downside to the combustion process and this is the production of dirty air. The emissions or waste gases that come out of the car's exhaust system are made up of harmful substances.

One of the substances produced in the combustion process is the nitrous oxide. This substance is produced when the temperature during combustion exceeds 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit. This happens when the nitrogen in the air mixes up with other byproducts during the burning process. When the nitrous oxide gets released to the environment it becomes mixed with oxygen thereby producing nitrogen dioxide. And in turn the nitrogen dioxide mixes with other hydrocarbons in the process forming the black, cloud-like substance that we see inn the sky called smog. You will see that this is a very vicious cycle that must be addressed from its root and this time the root is the combustion process.

In order to lessen the production of nitrous oxide, the combustion temperature must be way below 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature can be regulated through the use of the EGR valve or the Exhaust Gas Recirculating valve. This device functions by taking some portion of the exhaust gases back into the intake manifold then back to the cylinders. In the process of taking it back, the gases become diluted with the air it encounters along the way thereby taking the temperature several notches lower. So when the temperature is lower, there will be lesser production of nitrous oxide.

Almost all cars nowadays are equipped with an EGR valve. If you look under the hood of old cars you will see that they are installed with mechanical engine EGR valve. Modern vehicles are usually equipped with the electronic EGR valve. But whether you own an old car or new vehicle model it is important to check this particular component in order to see if it is working just fine. A malfunctioning valve should be replaced immediately because you're not helping the environment and ultimately yourself, in any way.

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