Whatever your driving adventure is, the Kia Sportage has the flexibility and reliability to handle it. Whether you are driving your kids to school or going to a weekend camping trip, the Sportage will pretty much handle any road adventure you want. It is outfitted with standard and enhanced components and parts to guarantee safe and secured driving. Its ABS and EBD braking system will stop you whenever you need to. Its cozy interior and air conditioning will keep you comfortable inside during long drives. Though the vehicle may mot look too big from the outside, its interior has a lot of legroom and headroom for you to move around.

Routine maintenance of your Kia Sportage is, however, important to ensure that it don't fail or malfunction prematurely. Every component it has had to be regularly checked and replaced when it has reached it maximum service life. The EGR or Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve has to especially be given particular attention to ensure that your car gives you great mileage and fuel efficiency. The Kia Sportage EGR valve basically functions in reducing nitrogen oxides. It routes the exhaust gas back to the combustion chamber which in turn lowers combustion temperature that helps in managing the production of nitrogen dioxide.

Designed from top quality materials, EGR valves are expected to last for miles and miles of driving. But as you gain mileage, the valve also deteriorates. Sooner or later, it would deteriorate and malfunction. A malfunctioning EGR valve can cause hesitation and stalling. It can also cause detonation if it is unable to close tightly. As soon as you notice these scenarios in your car, you need to immediately inspect the valve and secure replacement when necessary. Fortunately, top of the line EGR valve replacements are conveniently available in the market. They are crafted from high quality and heavy duty materials to enable them to withstand any working condition.

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