Combustion is a very important part of making a vehicle run efficiently. Through the combustion process in the engine, the vehicle is given the power to pump up the speed and the performance that drivers usually expect out of a vehicle. Fuel is the most essential substance in the burning up process but once it has been burned it becomes that gas that gets emitted from your exhaust system. Because of the numerous vehicles being used these days, you will see that the rate of pollution is also increasing, posing a real threat to our environment and our health. Car manufacturers are also becoming increasingly aware of this danger that's why they continue to devise gadgets that will diminish the amount of harmful substance being released by vehicles.

One of the materials developed that help a lot in reducing damaging emissions is the EGR valve. This valve is the primary component in the emissions control system that is responsible for recirculating some exhaust gases going back into the engine, hence the Exhaust Gas Recirculating valve. This process of recirculation is very important because it lowers the temperature for combustion thereby lessening the amount of unsafe gases particularly the nitrous oxide. Lower temperature is achieved when the gases taken back into the intake manifold and into the cylinders becomes diluted with the air they encounter along the way.

Now you may ask what nitrous oxide can do. By itself this nitrous oxide is not that detrimental, but once it unites or mixes with the oxygen nitrogen dioxide is produced and once this product combines with other hydrocarbons, smog is developed. Smog is the substance you see in the sky even on a sunny day. And all of us are aware that smog is really no good for us.

Nitrous oxide is only developed when the combustion temperature is over 2,500 Fahrenheit, and so you can see the big role that the EGR plays in lowering the combustion temperature. So if you want to help preserve your environment your car must be equipped with functional EGR valve. Manufacturers say that this component does not malfunction frequently but you still need to check on it regularly. Replacing a deficient EGR valve is a must if you want to keep up with the regulations regarding the safe level of emissions.

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