Jeep Grand Cherokee EGR Valve

Extreme engine temperatures might be detrimental to the emissions efficiency in your vehicle, and that's the reason there is an EGR valve in your Jeep Grand Cherokee-to protect the engine from getting excessively hot. Designed to lower the temperature of the cylinders by diluting the combustion mixture with exhaust gases, the Jeep Grand Cherokee EGR valve may considerably enhance your auto's emissions functionality.

In addition to the functionality of the exhaust system, the EGR valve likewise affects the total productivity of your automotive motor-issues experienced by the said part typically causes a poor ride. As soon as your Jeep Grand Cherokee EGR valve becomes damaged, you can expect to feel roughness during idling and stalling-don't ignore the said issues or they can trigger considerable conditions. Carefully examine the valve and meticulously check its capacity to move from the open to the close position and vice versa-a large number of EGR valves fail by means of becoming jammed, ending up unable to control the movement of exhaust gases.

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