As your Jeep Cherokee is crafted from excellent parts, you can enjoy its efficient engine operations with the innovative components outfitted in it designed to match your driving style. Advanced and efficient technology has been used to complete its construction for practical mobility. In making the exhaust system of your Jeep Cherokee ride perform better, the EGR valve is introduced to reduce exhaust emission that is not being cleaned by other smog control devices. The high grade service of the part ensures that you drive through any condition smoothly and conveniently.

Your Jeep Cherokee EGR valve works by preventing your car from producing smog. Nitrogen oxide is formed when the temperature in the combustion chamber get too hot. The valve ends up lowering the temperature so that the nitrogen does not get a chance to mix with the other compounds. When it leaves the tail pipe it will not convert into smog. The valve basically recirculates exhaust into the intake system. After the gases have been combusted they will not burn again when they are recirculated. As some of the normal intake charge has been displaced, the combustion process slows down thereby reducing NOx formation.

Your Jeep Cherokee EGR valve should be able to correctly control the flow of recirculated exhaust. If there is too much flow, engine performance will be retarded and cause hesitation during acceleration. Too little flow, on the other hand, will increase NOx and cause engine ping. With the effective service of the valve, your engine is relieved from critical levels of temperature and pressure. Overall, the part makes a practical investment if you intend to save more of your hard earned cash. Over time though, your car's EGR valve will fail. Although it is crafted from high grade specification, it will wear out over time. As soon as you experience poor idle, overheating and increased oxides, better secure replacement.

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