Every car that whiz on the streets is equipped with highly functional parts that will guarantee driving satisfaction to the user. Of course equipping these cars with such parts is the only and best way for manufacturers to sell their products and make profit. But together with their moneymaking ways is also some concern for the environment. We are all aware that our environment needs all the help it can get because of the many forms of pollutions evident, particularly air pollution. It's a fact that vehicles are included in the long list of contributors of air pollution.

Because of the advancements in technology, the various carmakers are able to develop some ways in reducing the harmful gases that come out of their vehicles' exhaust systems. They have developed the EGR valve or the Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve. Many car owners may not even know that their cars have this feature. This part is integrated in any vehicle's emission control system so as to regulate the amount and level of gases emitted by the vehicle.

We all know that nitrogen oxide is harmful to the environment and especially to our health. The EGR valve functions in such a way that it reduces the base substance called nitrous oxide that ultimately develops into nitrogen oxide. Nitrous oxide develops when the combustion in the engine exceeds 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit but with the EGR valve, this is somewhat reduced because of the redistribution process done. The valve takes back some of the gases back to the intake manifold going to the cylinders. In that process, the gas becomes diluted with the air it encounters thus taking the temperature lower than it used to. Lower combustion temperature means lesser nitrous oxide.

Many might wonder what the big deal is with nitrous oxide. When this substance gets released to the environment and gets mixed with other hydrocarbons, smog is the final by-product. And we all know that smog is no good for us. So if your car is equipped with high quality EGR valve, you know that you are doing a part in the preservation of the environment.

Almost all vehicles are equipped with EGR valve in order to meet the regulations for cleaner emissions. If it so happens that your vehicle is not yet equipped with an EGR valve it's high time that you have one installed. When it comes to high quality car parts including EGR valve as well as accessories, the best online source you can have is Parts Train. Our wide array of items covers numerous makes including the Jeep, so if you need Jeep EGR valve then our service is the right one for you. Shop now and benefit from our very affordable prices.