Super hot temperature in your engine might be threatening to your car emissions, and that's the reason why you have an EGR valve in your Isuzu Axiom-to keep the engine from turning excessively heated. Your Isuzu Axiom EGR valve is designed to deliver a particular portion of fumes from the exhaust system towards the intake and the cylinders to be able to provide cooling to the combustion area, averting the rise of engine temp.

Although the EGR valve specifically influences the efficiency of exhaust release, it also has an effect on the total productivity of your vehicle powerplant; its deterioration may lead to certain troubles in your engine. Among the troubles that you will go through once your Isuzu Axiom EGR valve deteriorates are stalling and roughness at idle-these are problems that call for prompt notice. Carefully examine the valve and meticulously check its capacity to switch from the open to the close position and the other way around-most EGR valves break down by being seized, not being able to manage the circulation of fumes.

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