Whenever your Infiniti vehicle starts its combustion process, it produces harmful substances which can be bad enough to affect every being's health. Aside from your exhaust system which is also responsible for controlling and as well as preventing these harmful substances from coming out, there is another certain device that is also work as a control component on your vehicle. This is the Exhaust Gas Recirculation or much known as the EGR valve. Your Infiniti EGR valve is one of the most integral parts of your engine's emissions and ignition systems. Because it controls the nitrous oxides that is being produced by your engine emission system as it start its combustion process.

These nitrous oxides are one of the most harmful substances that are coming from every vehicle including of course your Infiniti vehicle emission. Nitrous oxides develop on your emission whenever the temperature on your combustion chamber rises above 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit or about 1,371 degree Celsius. At these high temperatures, the nitrogen and the oxygen on your vehicle system chemically combine and develop into a nitric oxide. However, this can be avoided or even prevented through the use of an EGR valve. The Infiniti EGR valve is located right on your intake manifold. Between your exhaust and intake manifold it has a small passageway openings to allow just a metered amount of exhaust to flow back into your engine. With this working it reduces the combustion temperatures and helps control the formation of nitrous oxides on your vehicle emission.

Due to the vital working of your Infiniti EGR valve, it must be taken a proper care and regular maintenance. The high temperatures in your combustion chamber that is keep on working on your EGR valve may somehow cause for it to fail. There are some indications for you to know if you have a defective EGR valve. A defective EGR valve can produce a knocking or pinging sound on your engine. You should be very vigilant to these indications, because if your defective Infiniti EGR valve not be taken an immediate action, over time, it can damage your entire engine system.

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