Very high temperature in your engine might be unfavorable to exhaust emissions, and that's why there is an EGR valve mounted in your Geo Metro-to keep the engine from getting extremely heated. Designed to cool the cylinders by combining the air and fuel mixture with exhaust gases, the Geo Metro EGR valve may substantially enhance your vehicle's exhaust performance.

While the EGR valve directly determines exhaust emissions, it likewise impacts the overall productivity of the vehicle powerplant; its deterioration could lead to certain engine problems. If your Geo Metro EGR valve ends up defective, you can expect to feel rough idling as well as stalling-do not neglect such issues or these may lead to considerable troubles. If you are conducting an inspection of the said component, be specifically cautious in examining if the item is caught up and seized in the open or close position; it's a common problem among EGR valves at present.

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